Everything for a Dog

May 12, 2013

By Ann M. Martin
Reviewed by: Megan Botzenhart
Rated 4 out of 5 stars

723710Three story lines weave together in this story of love for one dog. Bone, narrates throughout the story, first telling of his faint memories of being a stray puppy. He grows up a stray mutt that lives with his mother in sister. One day his mother doesn’t return to him and his sister, and they wander far from the shed they grew up in. A strange man finds them, but eventually he leaves the two dogs at a mall where a caring lady eventually rescues Bone, but leaves his sister. When the woman finds she can’t take care of the puppy anymore, she gives Bone to her father. Before long, Bone becomes a stray yet again when the ladies father moves into assisted living. Eventually Bone encounters a boy who befriends him by leaving food out for him. Charlie also trains him a little .With the school year over, Charlie has the summer ahead to spend with his new dog, Sunny. Sunny plays a role in helping the family through their grieving times. The third story unfolds after “Sunny” leaves his second family. More than anything else in the world, Henry wants to have a dog and everything for a dog. One day, he spots a stray nosing through garbage cans and plans how to make him his own. Then one day the dog he named Buddy goes missing unexpectedly. Henry is now forced to tell his parents about his secret best friend. His father agrees to help search for Buddy after much explaining. After a two-day search in the woods, they find Buddy stuck in a leg trap for hunting. Henry and his father take the dog to the vet where Buddy heals and is later taken to his new home to live with Henry for the rest of his, what used to be very hectic, life.

This is a very interesting book with many twists and turns until the very end. I recommended Everything for a Dog to anyone who likes animal stories. I would also recommend it to anyone who likes a story with multiple storylines in one book. It may be a little tricky to understand at times but is overall a great book.

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