May 8, 2013

Historical Fiction
By Doris Gwaltney
Reviewed by McKayla Parkin
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars

Margaret Ann Motley’s sister is about to go away for college, so she will finally be able to get her own room. Margaret doesn’t pay much attention to what is happening around the world. Little does she know, Margaret’s cousin is living in the middle of the Blitz in London and she and her mother need a place to stay because of all the bombing. Courtney and her mother, Aunt Mary Lee, whose husband is fighting in the war, come to stay with them. Margaret and her cousin hate each other from the beginning. Everyone loves Courtney including Grandma Motley, who hates everyone, Margaret’s boyfriend Bobby and all of her friends. On top of all this, Courtney took Margaret’s room that she has wanted for many years. Eventually the two girls realize that they have no reason to not like each other. They become best friends and tell one another everything. Her sister, Elizabeth, decides to marry Tommy Gray, and soon after he heads overseas to fight. Margaret’s brother, Johnny, joins the navy. After staying in the Motley home for awhile, Aunt Mary Lee finds out that her husband is missing in action. Courtney and her mother are devastated. After one life had partially been lost out of this family’s life, one had been gained. Elizabeth had a baby boy. Everyone loves him dearly, but can this family put their devastation behind them to live life to the fullest during these hard times? Will Johnny, Tommy, and Courtney’s father make it home at the end of the war?

Doris Gwaltney wrote her book in a way that helped me to realize and understand what went on during the war. Homefront was surprisingly an easily understandable book. This surprised me because of where and when the story takes place. The Motley family lived in Virginia in the summer of 1940. The author showed several events that took place during this time period. I believe that boys and girls would like this book due to it being historical fiction, but it also has some romance involved. The end of this book was very enjoyable, although it could have shown the character’s feelings more thoroughly.

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