The Sky is Everywhere

May 7, 2013

Realistic Fiction, Drama, Romance
By Jandy Nelson
Reviewed by McKayla Parkin
Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Lennie and Bailey are sisters but are complete opposites. Lennie is a quiet musical nerd who hides behind her sister’s greatness. Their mother, Paige, left and never came back when they were very young, leaving them to be raised by their grandmother and uncle. Bailey and Lennie have their own beliefs of why their mother never returned. Maybe she became a great explorer, or maybe she found the love of her life and started a new family. Their grandmother always told them she’d return as soon as she could. Unfortunately, the girls knew very little about their mother, leaving them very curious. Bailey later died abruptly. The whole family is devastated and doesn’t know how to cope with this tragedy. Lennie and Bailey’s boyfriend, Toby, learned to cope with their sorrow by talking to each other. Lennie later finds out that they had recently gotten engaged and were expecting a baby. Toby and Lennie feel an instant connection with each other. Their friendship leads in many miss leading directions that it should have never gone, and they know it needs to stop for Bailey’s sake. At school, a new guy, Joe, shows up. He has many similar interests, such as music. Many would have thought it was love at first sight. Lennie, caught between two great guys who give her different sense of affection, is having a hard time deciding what she truly wants. Will Lennie choose handsome, loving Joe or Toby, who shares common sorrows as Lennie? Will Lennie’s grandmother teach her more about her abandoning mother?

Jandy Nelson teaches the reader to do what your heart tells you to do. She also teaches that tragedies happen to everyone, but there’s several ways to overcome the sorrow and grief. Lennie teaches the reader that you could even better yourself by trying to achieve your goals for your future. The Sky is Everywhere takes place in the present-day. Romance and drama is scattered all throughout the book. I loved the ending of the book because Lennie followed her heart and chose the guy she was truly in love with. She did what she thought Bailey would have appreciated if she were still living. Overall this book is stupendous. It will definitely touch any reader’s heart.

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