January 17, 2013

Lauren Myracle

Realistic Fiction

Reviewed by Hannah Williams

Rated 3.5 out of 5

In this book, Winnie has just turned thirteen, and whether she likes it or not, many new things are in store for her. Winnie’s older sister, Sandra, will be leaving for college within the next year, so Winnie is experiencing a lot of added stress at home as well as being a teenager. She’s also trying to balance fitting in with the people around her and being herself. On the other hand, things are starting to look brighter for Winnie with her crush, and now boyfriend, Lars (Larson). Over the course of a year, many adventures greet Winnie and she doesn’t know how to respond to all of them. Things have also changed since last year when Winnie was twelve, and Myracle uses flashback to remind of us of previous times and experiences in the life of Winifred Perry.

I thought this was a very well written book, and I would highly recommend it for any teenage girls looking for an easy read. This book has enough action and drama to keep you wanting to turn the pages. If you are a slow reader and you’re looking for something to read, this would be a great book for you! I would also recommend this book to you if enjoy high school drama and young love. Myracle also gave very good visuals. Through this book, you will have a never-give-up attitude and a more cheerful disposition. Enjoy!

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