Marvel Civil War

January 16, 2013


By Mark Millar

Reviewed by Peter Ortu

4 out of 5

The unimaginable has happened. After a team of inexperienced, naïve superheroes attack a group dangerous of villains, the entire city ofStamford,Connecticutis obliterated in a massive explosion. With the entire superhero community no longer trusted by the media and general public, the federal government is now demanding that each and every vigilante give up their secret identities and become government workers. After CaptainAmericais requested to hunt down the people he has been friends with nearly his whole life, he becomes an outlaw and begins to form an army of superheroes that disagree with this new government law. On the opposite side of this, Iron Man takes it upon himself to destroy the army of rebels after theStamford,Connecticutexplosion affects him more emotionally than most. With Iron Mans government connections and CaptainAmerica’s natural sense of leadership, the Marvel Civil War inevitably affects the history of the Marvel universe.

The Marvel Civil War is my personal favorite comic book event in history. The dialogue sounds perfect and realistic, the story is completely original, and you legitimately understand all the emotions that the ugliness of war between friends. With that said, I don’t think this is for everyone. Because it incorporates so many aspects from many different series of comic books, you really need a large amount of background knowledge on each character to get the full effects of each fight and each conversation. In the end, I think anyone that loves comic books would be doing themselves an injustice by not reading the Marvel Civil War.

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