January 16, 2013

Anthony Horowitz
Reviewed by Noah McMullin
3.5 out of 5 stars

Fourteen year old Alex Rider has just been told that his uncle, Ian Rider, has been killed in car accident. The police said he died because he did not were his seatbelt. But, the strange thing is, Ian Rider has never not worn his seatbelt. Alex didn’t think much of it, until he saw armed men at his uncle’s funeral. Alex soon confirms his suspicions by finding his uncle’s car in the junk yard, with the wind shield filled with bullet holes. Soon after, Alex’s world is turned upside down. Alex is than told that his uncle, who has raised Alex since he was a young child, was a Spy for Britain’s top-secret intelligence agency, MI6. Now, MI6 wants Alex to go undercover, finish Ian Rider’s last mission, and possibly save the world. Alex is determined to find his uncle’s murderer and take his revenge.

Stormbreaker is an excellent novel that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys adventure books, hi-tech gadgets, or mystery novels. Stormbreaker is the first novel in the Alex Rider series. Anthony Horowitz uses Alex’s background do majorly affect the story. Also, Horowitz occasionally switches the point of view of the story to add dramatic irony. Stormbreaker has some slower moments, but it makes up for it with many action scenes, and an action-filled climax. Anthony Horowitz’s Stormbreaker is a great novel that many readers will enjoy.

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