The Kill Order

January 16, 2013

By James Dashner
Science Fiction
Reviewed by Davis Eastman
Rated 5 out of 5 stars

“Oh, I’m good. Seriously, after all these years, you’d think I would stop amazing myself. But here I am, still doing it.” When the Sun Flares hit Earth, it begins killing most of the population, while leaving others in a scorched world. The Story starts off in a remote village or town, whatever you want to call it, this is a survivor town. A dull small village, but the people here are trying to avoid the sun flares. Mark awakens to find that Trina is already gone, so he is going to find her. He finds her near a stream reading in the morning light. Before the sun flares Trina and Mark were child friends, they grew up together. One day a berg comes out of nowhere and almost lands in the middle of their town, but before it can land the bottom opens up. A few figures step out and after and couple minutes begin shooting darts at the people of the town, all of which had gathered around the middle of the town. As soon as one connects to someone, they automatically drop to the ground out cold. All of the town scatters and one of Marks friends is hit with a dart. Darnell is dropped where he was standing. All of the people are wondering why would these people just randomly show up and start killing their people? Meanwhile Mark is hiding when Alec finds him, and gives him a pistol. They shoot the people off the berg and then connect to the berg with grappling hooks. Once inside the berg they find a case of darts, labeled with Virus and a number, and a note that says handle with extreme caution. They fight their way to the cockpit and the pilot intentionally crashes the berg in an attempt to kill Mark and Alec. They find their way back to camp, to find horrors they could have never imagined. They are planning to get back at the people who did this to them. Can they do it, it will take more effort than they could of every imagined but they will try.

This book will keep you on the edge of your seat the entire time. I never wanted to put it down.
This book is full of flashbacks which I personally love. They slowly tell you the story while two different stories are going on. This is a great book, and I really think anyone will enjoy it. James Dashner is one of favorite authors and continues to impress me. He writes great stories with amazing definition. They drive you to read them, once you pick the book up you will never want to put it down. Overall a great book, for a quick read.

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