January 14, 2013

By Sara Shepard
Reviewed By: Maddy Byrne
Rated 4 out of 5 stars

“They fell into an edgy silence. They’d been in on their fair share of Ali pranks, but those had been innocent sneaking into the saltwater hot tub at Fermata spa or putting droplets of black dye into Spencer’s sister’s shampoo. But something about this made them all just a little… uneasy. BOOM!” Emily is the swim team captain, Hannah is the most popular girl in Rosewood Day high school, Aria has the English teacher and the cutest boy in their class crushing on her and Spencer is maintaining her straight-A grades but looks can definitely be deceiving in Rosewood. All their peers want to be them but if they really knew what tale of drama and lies lie within the clique they wouldn’t want to be them. Even though it’s been though it has been 3 years since Alison disappeared, the girls continue to receive threatening texts, IMs, and notes from someone signed as “A”. They start to receive messages that they think are linked to “the Jenna thing”. They think Toby Cavanaugh must be “A” considering he was the only other person at the incident. Once they start to place all the clues together Emily tells Toby off and she then feels guilty thinking his suicide was because of her. They girls continue to receive messages from mysterious “A” so Toby couldn’t have been “A”. Spencer keeps in touch with her sister’s ex-fiancé, Wren, even though her parents forbid her to see him. Wren later decides things won’t work between them because he is seeing someone else, that someone else will shock Spencer. Aria starts to date Sean Ackard (Hannah’s ex-boyfriend) to distract herself from recent feelings about Ezra. A lot goes down at Foxy which will push the liars over the edge.

Flawless is the second book in the Pretty Little Liars series. This book is an average read and as you turn through every page you are left wondering and wanting to know who “A” is. Anyone who watches the Pretty Little Liars series on abc family, I would suggest they read the books as well. They are very different and in the books you get to see the prospective of all the liars. The book is mainly for teenagers. Once the liars discover who “A” it’s a huge revelation to all. I rated this book a 4 out of 5 instead of a 5 because the only part I didn’t like was getting confused on what was going on the show and what was going on in the book. Other than that, I really enjoyed the second book and I think other teens that like mysterious and dramatic books would enjoy it too.

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