The Legend Of Luke

January 2, 2013

By Brian Jacques
Reviewed By Allison Riegel
Rated 5 out of 5 stars

“So Luke the Warrior sailed away,book
He left that northland shore,
He swore an oath that one fine day,
He’d come back home once more.”
-excerpt of Trimp’s song

On the first day of summer, Trimp, a traveler, arrives at Redwall Abbey in Mossflower, which is being built at the time. While she was there, she sang a song that reminded Martin, the Abbey’s Warrior Mouse, of the northlands where he was born. Driven to find out about his unknown past and parents, Martin sets off with his friends, Gnoff the self-proclaimed prince of mousethieves, Dinny, a mole, and Trimp, for the northern shore. They have until autumn to find out what happened to his mother, Sanya, and his father, Luke. On their journey, they meet many friends, the Guosim shrews, several otter holts, and a young squirrel named Chugger, who immediately becomes one of their group. Travelling by paw and by boat, and fighting dangerous foebeasts, they finally reach their cold and lonely destination. Meeting three of his father’s old friends who live there, they are told the long and noble story of Martin’s father. Luke was a leader of his tribe and a true Warrior, and his quest for vengeance against the vile Sea Rouge captain Vilu Daskar and his crew of murdering vermin is the ultimate tale of courage, bravery, and determination.

This book has everything that makes a great story- a driving plot, unforgettable characters, joy, sorrow, danger, hope, and a world that at times is more detailed and alive than our own, to name but a few things. Jacques’ writing takes the reader into the unique world of Redwall, keeping them there even after the last page has been read. I recommend The Legend of Luke to people who like books with adventure, detail, or danger. This book is for anyone who wants to expand their vocabulary or just read a really great story. I loved The Legend of Luke (and the entire Redwall series).

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