December 4, 2012

By Robinson Wells
Realistic Fiction
Reviewed by Davis Eastman
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars

“Benson Fisher, a teenager who has been bouncing all over the place in and out of foster homes. Has finally found a place where it will all be fine, Maxfield Academy. He was incorrect. Mrs. Vaughan his driver to the school, assures him that he will advance at Maxfield Academy. Once they arrive, Benson is concerned at the look of the school, it looked more like a prison than a school. There was chain link fence with razor wire at the top. He is greeted at the door by two students, who take off running after Mrs. Vaughan’s car, but before they charge after the car they tell Benson that he will never get out. They were breaking the rules of the school, Becky said, the person who was really supposed to greet him at the door. She welcomed him into the school, and he reluctantly followed after what he heard from the other students. He is told that he will be put into his dorm room and given a watch. This watch gives him access to wherever his contract allows him to go. Once he arrives at the dorms, another teenager, Isaiah tells, or tries to convince him to join a group called the society. Meanwhile there is students trying to break into the room that he is in, they want Benson to join their group called Havoc, Benson does not want to join either of these groups. He chooses Variant, this group seems fitting for Benson’s personality. Also there are cameras everywhere that monitor your every move. Benson is determined to escape, can he, will he?

This book was full of excitement and suspense, I loved it. It is right up there in my favorite books. I love books like this, and if anybody likes The Hunger Games or The Maze Runner they will love this book too. This book is futuristic, but it is still in our time. The twist in the book was what mad it amazing. While reading it, I never wanted to put it down I love scientific fiction books like this. It is so great just to not want to stop reading it. I cannot wait for the next book in the series.

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