The Maze Runner

December 2, 2012

James Dashner
Reviewed by Sean Bigelow
4.5 out of 5 stars

When Thomas wakes up, he is in a metal box. The box is cold and dark. Thomas is alone. Thomas wonders where he is, why he’s here, and or why can he only remember his name? All of a sudden the box started to move upwards. All of a sudden he was outside. He was surrounded by people who he didn’t know. When he looked around they were surrounded by four huge stone walls which had huge metal doors in the middle of them. The kids then introduce Thomas to what they call “The Glade”. None of them know why they are here. All they know is that they are surrounded by a huge maze and that a new boy arrives every 30 days. Will they find out why they are here? Or who brought them here?

This was an interesting book. It kept me on my seat the whole time. Almost every chapter had a new twist to the story. This book is for people who like books with twists and mysteries, and an ending that you will not see coming.  This story involves mystery, friendship, and a twist that will change the way the people live in the Glade. Theres also a little science fiction which you can read for yourself to find what it is. My opinion on the book was that it was a great book and I would recommend this book to others.

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