The Vampire Diaries: The Awakening

November 7, 2012

Science Fiction
By L.J. Smith
Reviewed by Anna D’Arcy
Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Stefan is finally going to get a chance to start his life over. He is no longer in Italy and no one knows what he truly is; a vampire.

When he first comes to Fell’s Church, Stefan Salvatore is just looking for a chance to have a normal life; as normal as his life can be anyway. Then he sees her. Elena Gilbert is the most popular girl at school. All the boys want to be will her and all the girls want to be her. Even though she has a lovely boyfriend, Matt, she feels a strong connection to Stefan when he arrives. Now she faces a problem she has never had to face before; a boy she desires not having the same feelings for her. At the same time, Stefan feels something between them but he is doing everything in his power to avoid her. She reminds him too much of his old love, Katherine.

It is a thrilling chase between Stefan and Elena as he tries to avoid his feelings for her and she is doing all she can to get him to notice her. All the while, Stefan must keep his true shelf a secret. The town is starting to get suspicious though as people start to turn up dead. The hunger is taking over him and he cannot remember if it is he who is the murder. Could it be someone else?

Throughout the book, you can feel the theme of struggle. Stefan must figure out if he should follow his heart or his head. He knows deep down that telling Elena what he truly is would not be safe for her, but he can feel himself falling for her. He is so intoxicated by her beauty and he having flashbacks of Katherine, who was also a creature of the night. As long as he stays in Fell’s Church, he won’t be able to forget his past.

I enjoyed this book and think that many other people would as well. When I first bought the books, it was because I was in love will the show. The television show does not follow the book series very well so if you are already infatuated with the show the books many be a disappointment at first, but they will reel you in eventually. I recommend this novel to people who like adventurous books with romance. The ending in this book will leave you excited for the next.

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