Best Friends for Never

November 14, 2007

By Lisi Harrison
Reviewed by Kathleen Bolson
5 out of 5 stars

Becca Wilder tell Liz Goldman that she thinks you are on your way out” was one of the most dreadful things Massie had ever heard. The clique, Massie Block, Alicia Rivera, KristenIs Massie Block, the most popular girl at OCD, starting to slip out of her own clique? “I heard Gregory, and Dylan Marvil, were starting to fight. Kristen and Dylan both liked the same guy and after Dylan lost all the extra weight it was a fair fight. Neither of the girls wanted to back down, they would do anything it takes. On top of trying to settle the tension between her two boy-crazed friends, Massie has loads of other things to do. Alicia, Massie’s second in command, seems to be ditching the clique lately for a dumb blonde named Olivia. To keep her social life up and stay Queen Bee Massie decides to co-host OCD’s first ever boy/girl Halloween Party. Co-hosting the party because once her parents saw that Massie and Claire Lyons, an annoying wannabe who lives in Massie’s guesthouse, were supposedly “getting along” they allowed it. Unfortunately being such “good friends” with Claire meant they had to throw the party together, but is that how everyone else will see it?

After the Halloween party Massie’s biggest concern is a super-cute Briarwood boy, Cam Fisher. What Massie doesn’t no yet is Cam might have a little thing for Claire. Will this affect Claire’s social life? She has no idea what she’s in for, trying to get “in” maybe its better she stays her shy little self. The Clique is back and more malicious and spiteful then ever.

Best Friends for Never is a fiction book and is the second book in the Clique series. Lisi Harrison’s attention to little detail is absolutely amazing. While reading the book you actually feel like you are there with the girls, whether your intimidated by them or having a blast thinking your one of them. Harrison’s book takes you to another place. She takes you to a place where you can experience all the drama and excitement in a young teenage girl’s life. This book is great for teenage girls who love books about scandal, backstabbing, drama and just life in general. Harrison’s books make you forget the world around you. Also they are great to read with your other friends; you could talk for days about all the stuff in the book, probably even relate some of it to your own life.

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