The Mind Readers

October 25, 2012

Paranormal Romance
Lori Brighton
Jordan Brodfuehrer
Rated 4 out of 5

The Mind Readers was a powerful read, I actually felt like I was there, beside Cameron. The point of view of the story is first person making it so I can feel everything that Cameron is feeling, which helps me understand the story better. Cameron is a sweet, caring teenage girl with a lot of insecurities, who also just wishes she was normal. Cameron has a special power to read minds, she may not know it but she is the most powerful mind reader of them all. Nobody knows about her secret but her family, it must be hard to keep a secret like that. One day while Cameron was working at the café, a guy whose name was Lewis walks in, she instantly becomes very attracted to him. Lewis is a good looking, charming teenage boy who can also read minds and becomes very close with Cameron. She ends up going with him to a guy named Aarons house. She and Aaron get talking and he tells her that he knows about her secret and that all the people at his house are also mind readers, she was in shock. Aaron offers to help her control her powers better and teach her other things she can do with her powers too. She deices to stay and get the help but the longer she is there the more she realizes she wants to escape. She learns new things about him, putting him a situation where he could be the bad guy. She finds out that Aaron has a S.P.I locked up in the basement. The S.P.I are the people that Aaron claims are after the mind readers. Maddox is the one locked up and he actually tries to help Cameron escape, but they ended getting caught which led to her finding the truth out about Lewis, breaking her heart. She deiced to leave again, but they were not going to let her leave that easy.

This book is fast read that will keep you interested and wondering. The author writes in so many twists and mind blowing interactions. This book has a little bit of everything, romance, mystery, paranormal, and humor. At parts I just wanted to scream my heart out. At first the plot moves kind of slow, but then it pulls you right out of your seat not letting you put the book down. Also at some parts you just get completely get lost and confused. I recommend this book to teens that like romance books with an interesting twist. The ending is defiantly a cliffhanger to get the reader wanting to read the sequel.

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