October 14, 2012

By Ann Aguirre
Reviewed by Noah McMullin
5 out of 5 stars

Deuce lives in a post-apocalyptic civilization underground. In the enclave, if you break the rules you will be exiled and face almost certain death at the hands of monstrous creatures known as Freaks. In Deuce’s world, it’s rare to live over the age of twenty. In the enclave, you earn you’re name by making it to the age of fiteen, and until then you are an un-named “brat”. Until you turn fifteen, you train to become one of three groups: a hunter, a breeder, or a builder. For as long as Deuce can remember she has wanted to become a huntress. The job of a huntress is simple, find and kill meat for the rest of the enclave and even more importantly, protect the enclave from the ravenous Freaks. Nothing can ruin Deuce’s naming day, not even being teamed up with a mysterious boy named Fade. Fade is an amazing hunter and not only does he amaze Deuce, but he also frightens her. But as a huntress, it’s her job not to show fear. Fade was not born in the enclave and doesn’t like the rules, and that can be very dangerous. The Freaks, once dangerous for their numbers, are now showing signs of intelligence and are forming strategys. The Elders of the enclave refuse to acknowledge Deuce’s warning. Deuce is becoming more and more worried as she finds out dark secrets she was never suppose to know about the enclave and the rest of the world. Deuce will have to fight and venture to places she never thought possible if she wants to survive.

Enclave is an excellent book that will keep you interested until the very end. I enjoyed the novel very much and would recommend it to anyone who likes action-packed novels full of mystery, secrets, and even a bit of drama and romance. The main theme of the novel is survival because of everything Deuce is forced to survive. Enclave is not only for one type of reader, almost anyone would enjoy it. Ann Aguirre used the setting to drastictly affect the characters. Deuce will have to go through loss and adapt to many situations to survive in the world she lives in. I guarantee you will enjoy Enclave and need to read the rest of the series.

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