Danger in the Shadows

October 13, 2012

By Dee Henderson
Reviewed by McKayla Parkin
Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Twenty-five years ago, at age 6, Sarah Walsh and her twin sister, Kim, were kidnapped. They were locked in a cold basement for nine days with very little food and water. They were chained and unable to reach each other. Now Sarah doesn’t only have to live with being the only survivor of this dramatic experience, but one of the men who held them hostage is still out there. She doesn’t remember the stalker’s face or anything about him. The FBI is helping to protect her with top security. The only person Sarah is close to is her brother, who is an FBI agent in charge of everything, because she can’t take any risk of being found by her stalker. Although Sarah is always being watched by the FBI, she still manages to work a steady job and works late at her office many days. One night she decided to take the elevator while leaving work, but she wasn’t the only person in there. The elevator shut down and the lights turned off. Little did Sarah know, the man in the elevator was a retired football player, Adam Black. Flashbacks of the dark, cold basement popped into her head. Suddenly, she was unable to breathe. Adam did his best to calm her down but was unsure of why this strange lady was acting this way. After the elevator was fixed, Sarah and Jacob had thought they felt a slight something for each other. But Jacob doesn’t know what has gone on in her past and the faceless stalker that’s after her. Sarah couldn’t possibly date a public figure. Will Sarah and Jacob find a way to get together without the danger of Sarah being found by her stalker getting in the way?

Danger in the Shadows is a very suspenseful book. It’ll keep you on your toes throughout the whole story. The author writes the story with a lot of Christianity thoughts. The main character, Sarah Walsh, must try to forget her past and trust others around her because not everyone is out to hurt her. This book takes place in present day Chicago. I would recommend this book to girls who like romantic suspense. The ending of the story wasn’t what I expected, but it was still very good.

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