The Woman In Black

May 15, 2012

The Woman In Black
Horror/ Thriller
Hammer Film Productions
Reviewed by: Cody Cornell

The amazing novel by Suzanne Hill is finally has been turned into a film. Hammer Film Productions have finally came out with a movie that will let viewers experience a great story in great detail. The main character Author Kipps is played by Daniel Radcliffe. The story is mainly about how a solicitor who goes to a house to do paper work but much more happens. He experiences a very strange town and strange events that occur in the house. Since his arrival sudden deaths has became more and more of a problem. The release of the film has caused an uproar and has received mostly positive reviews. The film was very successful receiving $20mil in the box office opening weekend. This is the most a Hammer Film Productions film has ever made. The Woman In Black came in second behind Chronicle by about $1mil. Hammer Film Productions have already announced a sequel to the series. The title is The Woman In Black: Angels of Death its suppose to take place 40 years after the first in the same house and town. If the sequel is as good as the first you just might have to hit the theaters and see a great movie.

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