Bottled Up

March 3, 2008

By Jaye Murray
Reviewed by Jillian K.
5 out of 5 Stars

Have you ever been in so much trouble that you just had to find a way out of telling your parents? In Bottled up by Jaye Murray, Pip is trying to find any way out of getting in trouble with his father. When the principal calls Pip down to his office during gym he things it is just another routine yelling at because he skipped another class. When he gets down there he is horrified to find out that his principal knows why he was skipping class, because he wanted to get high, and now pip is scared for his life because the principal is going to call his father. He will do anything to get out of that. The principal offers him a deal: either Pip goes to therapy and goes to all his classes or he will call his father and expel Pip from school. Pip decides that he needs to go to therapy because he doesn’t want to get expelled. He starts to go through therapy and goes to every class and his friends and brother all see something different in him. But does he stay in therapy and get clean? Or does he go back to his old ways and be the man he used to be doing drugs, drinking, and skipping class?

This story is great for any teenager who wants a great and fast read. It is also wonderful for parents to read up on because many children today go through all of this. It is very insightful and very detailed in all of the stories text. When the author is describing things throughout the story you can literally see it in your mind and picture what I going on. This story is one of the best I have ever read and if you read it too you will most likely think the same.

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