March 25, 2012

Written by Brian Jacques
Reviewed by Philip L
Rated 5 out of 5 stars

In a world without humans, animals have evolved, talking, walking, fighting with weapons, and building houses. Peace is present at Redwall Abbey. The abbey is home to generations of mice, otters, hedgehogs, squirrels, birds, and Constance the Badger. This peace is broken when Slagar comes to town. Bent on revenge, Slagar, with his sly and cunning, uses the woodlanders’ peace against them to steal their young ones by putting all the woodlanders to sleep. Slagar heads south to an evil destination where he plans to sell the slaves. For the slaves, Mattimeo, Auma, Tim and Tess Churchmouse, Sam, and Cynthia, their futures have taken downward spirals as they are forced to leave their homes.  The Abbey dwellers quickly assemble a rescue force consisting of formidable warriors. These warriors are Matthias, Mattimeo’s father, Jess, Sam’s mother, Basil Stag Hare, Orlando the Axe, Auma’s father, and Jabez Stump. The trip is long and perilous, even for these hardened warriors. Meanwhile, back at the abbey, savage birds from the north attack. Led by General Ironbeak and his seer, Mangiz, they take over the Abbey rooftops and dormitories. They plan to conquer the abbey from top to bottom. Will Matthias and his companions catch Slagar and rescue Mattimeo and his friends? Can the Abbey dwellers drive out General Ironbeak and his army of birds?

Mattimeo, by Brian Jacques, is a masterwork of action, suspense, and climax. Brian Jacques spun a creative writing style into an action-packed storyline to create Mattimeo. Mattimeo is part of the Redwall series that consists of 20 or more novels, each about Redwall Abbey and its inhabitants. In each book, Brian Jacques, a famous British author, weaves a different tale. Mattimeo can be recommended to any reader who likes action, fantasy, battle, animals, suspense, creative storylines, adventure, and some humor. Read Mattimeo to experience a fantastic read and find out more.


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