March 13, 2012

Maureen Johnson
Reviewed by A. Hill
Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Jane and Allison were the best of friends. That is until a horribly embarrassing accident that ruins Allison’s reputation. Jane tries to comfort her, but Allison seemed to be in a deep funk. Suddenly, Lanalee comes into the picture. She helps get Allison out of her depression and back on her feet, but there’s just something odd about her. The next day, Allison comes to school one day “completely transformed.” She can speak fluent Latin, has fashionable hair and clothes and won’t look at Jane. Jane tries to ask what is going on but Allison just snaps at her. Clearly something is wrong. As Jane tries to comprehend the situation, Owen, a strangely experienced freshman, tells her that Allison has sold her soul to a demon, who is just one of many in a corporation called Satan. With help from some new found friends, Jane is ready to take on the Poodle Prom, one of the most exclusive parties in history and try to save her friend. Now Jane has to race the clock to protect the people she cares about, but is she willing to sacrifice all she has?

I loved Devilish because of all the different characters and the setting. The author of Devilish makes you feel compassion and hatred to certain characters, like they are actual people. For example, Jane is a short girl with a sense of humor and an attitude, while Allison is more of a go-with-the-flow kind of girl. Lanalee is a fancy, stuck up young lady, while Owen is modest, and a little mysterious. Aside from the characters, the setting is a little Ironic. Jane and Allison go to a Catholic school, and this book is revolved around demons. I also like how the story takes place in a realistic setting, even though most of what goes on in the story is under the fantasy category. I would recommend Devilish to people who like fantasy but still want a grip on reality.

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