January 18, 2012

Realistic Fiction
By Lisi Harrison
Reviewed by T Cupp
Rated 3.5 out of 5 Stars

Shira Brazille, the billionaire from Australia, founded the most exclusive academy that was out there, Alpha Academy. The academy is only for the best of the girls. It was made to create the next generation of dancers, writers, musicians, and inventors. Alpha Academy is located far from any other civilization, it’s on an island called Alpha Island. Only 100 girls throughout the country will be invited to attend this one of a kind academy. But if you don’t measure up to your potential they will be sent home immediately, no exceptions. The last girl standing gets all the fame ever imagined, and even more.

Skye Hamilton was always known for her dancing, and of course her ability to attract boys. Because she was one of the best dancers, she was invited to Alpha Academy. After accepting the invitation, Sky decided to take over Alpha Academy by storm. She wanted to be the best of girls, and nothing would get in her way, or so she thought. One day, Shira decided to bring her boys to the island. After Skye saw how beautiful the five boys were she decided to go after them. She knew Shira said they were off limits, and she knew it could cost her career, but she really wanted those boys. Allie A. Abbott was the second to get invited into the famous school for the exceptional girls. But after taking a second look at the invitation she realizes it wasn’t intended for her. The girl who was meant to attend Alpha Academy was famous singer Allie J. Abbott, only one initial from her own name. Realizing what this school was for, Allie A. Abbott didn’t care if the invitation wasn’t for her. She wanted to go. Identity theft was the key. Would anyone know the difference? Charlie Deery was never an Alpha, but now was her chance. Charlie was offered a last minute invite to Alpha Academy. But there was a catch, in order to go to the academy; Charlie had to break up with her longtime boyfriend, Shira’s son. Charlie and her boyfriend Darwin have been best friends since they were little and they were finally dating, and they were happier than ever. Was the admission to Alpha Academy worth losing the perfect boyfriend?

In the book Alphas showed how life has many obstacles, but most of the time the obstacles lead to something better. Lisi Harrison does a great job of making most of the book relatable to many teens. In the novel, each chapter is told by the different views of the three main characters. Also, the tone of this story makes it seem like the teens are actually talking, so it makes it seem more relatable. I would recommend this book to teenage girls who like books with drama, and a little bit of romance.

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