Only The Good Spy Young

December 4, 2011

By Ally Carter
Reviewed by M Heiss
Rated 5 out of 5 stars

As I walk down the hall, heads swerve and girls point, knowing that I had the best (worst) summer ever. You might as well put a sign over my head that reads, “Gilly’s Killer Legacy.” What a life! Then again, I do go to a school for spies. At Gallagher Academy, you can learn thirteen different languages, decode secret messages, use deadly weapons, and learn multiple ways to kill someone. Only girls are invited- no boys allowed. First, you should know that people are after me, bad people with guns- and I just might die.

Cammie Morgan’s life has never been easy. She’s had to give up her first true love, go though terrifying missions, and figure out her life as she goes. Her teacher is wanted by the government, and Cammie is being pestered to spill everything she knows about him- which is nothing. Meanwhile, she is also wanted by the Circle, an evil organization set on kidnapping her. As Cammie goes through the struggle of untangling her messed up life, one thing is clear- she can’t trust anyone.

Ally Carter combines an elaborate spy life with the struggles of a normal teenager. Carter’s characters come alive, and after a while you can see the characters next move and how they would act in a situation. Carter also describes the setting with exquisite sentences. For example, she describes a window as being like “a kaleidoscope, a moving, swirling mass of glass….”

Girls who enjoy action/realistic fiction would be the most likely to read this book because for once, the girl is the hero. Only the Good Spy Young has action, romance, and a heroine that saves the day. That could be why so many people are starting to read it. Just remember that once you pick it up you won’t want to put it down!


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