Key of Valor

November 21, 2011

By Nora Roberts
Reviewed by R. Miller
Rating 5 out of 5 stars


A long time ago, behind the Curtain of Dreams, three demigoddesses once stood. Venora, with vivid blue eyes, sat on the ledge of the fountain, with a smile flourishing across her face as she plucked away at her lap harp. Beside her on a marble bench sat Niniame, with strong facial features and dark, dense brown hair clinging down her back. Within the hands of Niniame, she held an opened scroll and a quill. Kyna with a sword claiming its place, in its hilt at her hip and a wriggling puppy in the crook of her arm, she stood. Unaware of the danger lurking around them, all three bloomed with beauty, innocence and joy. That was soon over.

A brewing storm ate its way across the sky and a shadowy figure slithered its way towards the Daughters of Glass. Ripping out their souls, the shadowy figure claimed them, locking the three souls away in a glass box with three locks. The locks can only be unlocked by three tangible keys. The keys can only be turned by the hands of three mortal women. The Daughters of Glass represents who the three women truly are, the artist, the truth seeker and the warrior.

Two keys are found, two locks are opened. Now there is but one”. Dana and Malory have found their keys, now it is Zoe’s turn. All the weight resides on Zoe’s shoulders. If she doesn’t find the key by the time the moon has reached its fill, this has all been for nothing. The souls of the Daughters of Glass will remain captured in the Box of Souls forever and the kingdom behind the Curtains of Dreams will be ruled by the grubby hands of evil. Zoe is an independent, strong, determined and courageous mother. Does Zoe have the courage to defeat the evil sorcerer Kane, who threatens her chance of completing the quest in time? Is she strong enough to face Kane and handle what he has to offer? Join Zoe on the quest to find the Key of Valor and the quest to find the warrior, she may already be.

Along the pages of the Key of Valor, you will find yourself riding the words, getting more and more captivated within the quest itself. This final quest, Key of Valor, of the Key Trilogy, bestows Nora Roberts’s unique way of capturing the reader and holding them hostage along the twist and turns, until the very last word.

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