Street Love

March 29, 2011

By Walter Dean Myers
Reviewed by Luke Benjamin
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars

Damien is a young boy from the rich side of town. Junice is a young girl from the poor side of town. Both living a live of either survival or bordom. Junice lives a life where her mom is in jail, and now she lives with her grandmother. Damien has an easy life, and he doesn’t have any troubles. Until a sum amount of days. Damien sees Junice and suddenly falls for her. When Junice sees him, she thinks the same thing back, but her mind tells her that he won’t go for a girl like her. Kevin, Damien’s best friend, tells him the same thing, that she isn’t the type of girl for him. Just like Romeo and Juliet, these are two star crossed lovers that aren’t suppose to meet.

Street Love by Walter Dean Myers, is a book for all of you Romance readers. Sure it may get confusing, but it is in fact written in street talk form. I’m sure when you get around that you’ll understand the story. I would recommend this book to a person who likes Romeo and Juliet because this is somewhat related to it, it has action, romance, and drama that people like. make sure you are prepared to be bored here and on the edge of your seat there, this story dives in everywhere.If you can handel it then Street Love is for you.

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