Just Listen

January 6, 2011

By Sarah Dessen
Reviewed by Kaitlin Coleman
5 out of 5 stars

Annabel Greene looked like the perfect girl to every person who saw her. She had the perfect family, perfect appearance, perfect clothes, but quicker than ever, it all fell apart.

Now, Annabel is looking at the hardest school year of her life. She suddenly finds herself isolated and friendless. Dealing with family issues including her sister’s severe battle with anorexia, and trying to tell her mother that she desperately wants to quit her stressful modeling job. Not to mention, she has lost every one of her friends because her now ex-best friend assumed the worst when the truth is far deeper than anybody could ever know. Now that her friends had turned on her she had nobody, until Owen Armstrong. The most unlikely person befriends her and makes her see life in a new light.  He slowly bringing her back to life, making her come out of her shell and be honest and realize who she truly is. He shows her the real Annabel, the one who deserves more than what she has or had been given, making her realize that ignoring your problems won’t make them go away.

Just Listen shows so many feelings that everyday teenagers face: Popularity contests, betrayal, friendships, conflict, being honest, and most importantly being true to yourself. Just Listen shows you the importance of staying true to yourself and no matter how hard it is. Even when you may be feeling alone, you are never alone, and someone, even the most unexpected, will always be there to just listen.

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