Someone Like You

January 5, 2011

By Sarah Dessen
Reviewed by Miranda Craft
Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Halley and Scarlett have been best friends for years, sharing secrets, clothes, and crushes. Scarlett has always been known as the more popular, outgoing one. Halley was always just her quiet sidekick. Scarlett’s always been the one to take care of Halley’s problems. But now more then ever, Scarlett needs her. Halley’s not sure if she is ready for the upcoming disasters.

While Halley was at summer camp, she finds out that Scarlet has lost her boyfriend in a motorcycle accident. Then, Scarlett finds out she is pregnant with his baby. Halley is now forced to help her best friend get through this. During this kayos, Halley meets Macon, a rich bad boy who is everything her parents don’t want for her. Together, Macon and Halley help Scarlett get out of getting an abortion, and together they wade through Scarlett’s pregnancy. When Macon starts pushing her farther into their relationship and Halley refuses, they’re thrown into a life threatening experience together that separates them. Halley realizes this was what growing up is all about.

Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen is just like all her other books. They are so hard to put down. Towards the beginning of the book, I seemed to loose interest but as I read on it became better and better. This story shows you the qualities of a real friend and what you need to go through if you care about someone as much as Halley cared about Scarlett. Someone Like You also shows you the consequences of getting pregnant in high school.  This book is an all around great book for teenagers.

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