The Maze Runner

October 6, 2010

by James Dashner
reviewed by Mackenzie
rated 3 out 0f 5 stars

“The Glade,” although mysterious, has been on a consistent cycle for over two years. The teenage boys, the only inhabitants of “The Glade,” expect an elevator to come up once a month with a new boy, once a week with supplies, and the walls that lead to a monstrous, unsolvable maze that surrounds “The Glade” to “close” every night to reopen in the morning. The newest boy, Thomas, is like the rest of the boys, scared and without memories of before he arrived at “The Glade.”

But something is different about Thomas. Everything changes after he arrives. The walls stop “closing” and the elevator stops coming, but not before a girl comes in the elevator and says, “Everything is going to change” before slipping into a coma just a day after Thomas arrived at “The Glade.” Thomas knows the girl, but how? He has no memory.

The Maze Runner is fast paced and fun, because the original plot keeps the reader’s imagination running like crazy. However, the book lacks the ability to put the reader in the story because it lacks a strong theme. The writing style of James Dashner is more confusing than mysterious. This book is entertaining because of its plot and setting but the characters do not feel thoroughly developed which gets boring. This would keep younger readers or readers looking for a quick read excited but is not great.

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