Pretty Little Liars: Unbelievable

October 6, 2010

By Sara Shepard
Reviewed by Kaitlin Coleman
Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, Spencer Hastings, and Emily Fields are officially over their heads. Ever since the discovery of their best friend and leader of the group, Alison DiLaurentis’s body had been discovered after three years of a disappearance, they begin receiving chilling anonymous messages from an “A” these messages include certain things that no one was supposed to know besides those five girls. The secrets they had were ones that could ruin there life and reputation completely. And with “A” starting to take over their very own lives with threatening secrets and directions to follow, one wrong move could send them all into turmoil.

Now after months of “A” controlling the girl’s lives, secrets began to leak around the entire Rosewood Day High School complicating these teens lives even further. Aria’s boyfriend is now in jail thanks to “A”. Spencer begins to think that she was part of Alison’s murder from recent visions she has been having. Emily was forcefully shipped off to Iowa by her parents by a secret top big – and too embarrassing for them to handle. Not to mention Hanna is now in the hospital while her loved ones watch her fight for her life. All these unfortunate events linked too the face of the four of them knowing too much about a certain someone. Along with all this they begin slowly discovering who could have possibly been the murderer of their best friend, Alison. Also they find out about Alison’s separate life and what she did while they weren’t with her along with the secrets she had been keeping. In the end secrets will leave them all astonished.

Unbelievable is a book you won’t be able to put down. The twists that take place will make you begging for more and when you’re done, all you want is to go to your nearest book store to get the next book of the compelling series. Sara Shepard, the author of Unbelievable, did a wonderful job of gradually giving the answers you had wanted so longingly to know. She shows a point of view from all four girls that really causes you  to put the puzzle pieces together slowly, making this book one you can’t take out of your hand. In my opinion this book is better than the TV show because you can get all the emotions and thoughts that are going through the characters heads. Teen girls all over the world will be swooping for this book series.

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