The Dolphin Diaries

June 8, 2010

Realistic Fiction
By Lucy Daniels
Reviewed By Caroline Durand
Rated 5 out of 5 stars

The Dolphin Diaries is a fun and interesting book by Lucy Daniels. It is about a young girl, Jody McGrath, who travels with her family as they research dolphins, while living on a yacht called the Dolphin Dreamer. This book teaches the virtues of loyalty, friendship, and love. Touching the life of all readers, this great novel is an exciting and thrilling piece of literature.

When Jody McGrath finds out she will be going on a private yacht for the summer, she couldn’t be happier. But then things turn ugly as the ship captain’s daughter, a snobby brat by the name of Brittany, comes along. Jody will be spending the whole summer with this monster, wasting her vacation. But hate turns to friendship when their recently found dolphin friends need help…

Virtues are commonly found in this book. Jody helps a dolphin friend that gets caught in the nets, clearly portraying loyalty. Had Jody not tried to be Brittany’s friend, they never would have found the first pod of dolphins.Also, Jody’s love for the dolphins outweighs her homesickness, propelling her to continue her search for many more “fishy”  friends. Lucy Daniels does a fantastic job intertwining virtues into her novel.

The Dolphin Diaries is a great tale for all children and animal lovers. The plot, setting, and theme are superbly sewn together, creating one of the best stories ever to be written down. When looking for a good book, always look for one written by Lucy Daniels.

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