November 18, 2007

By Ted Decker
Reviewed by Taylor Tobey
4 out of 5 stars

Bigger and better, Thomas Hunter is trying to get through a week of living in two different worlds. In Ted Decker’s third installment of his well-written trilogy, it had me guessing from the beginning about what was going to happen next. In one world he’s saving his tribe from the unbeatable Horde, and in the next he’s trying to save the world from a deadly virus. Without the cure every single person will die on the face of the Earth, including Thomas. While two villains are scheming up dangerous ideas, Thomas can also use his “dream world” to figure out their plans. With only a couple of days left before people start to die, will he be able to succeed?

This book took me on a thrilling ride through Thomas’ and his friend’s head. Each decision and choice he makes with his allies or even his enemies, I experienced with him. My favorite character was a woman named Chelise, who Thomas ends up falling madly in love with. Chelise ends up being a woman of radiance with strong feelings and emotions. I thought the plots and details were good, and the characters were well described. Failures and triumphs was what this book was about, and believing in the impossible, or as the book put it “having Elyon’s strength,” was what helped make the book so exceptional.

Compared to the first two in the trilogy, White finishes the story off with a spine-tingling plot. Ted Decker sharpens his writing by marking many incredible conclusions that will amaze any reader. The only discouraging remark I have is that it drags out a little, and might get wearisome at times. I would recommend this book to people who don’t mind reading for the pleasure and are willing to be patient for the plot to heat up. But when it does, they will absolutely be entertained from beginning to end.

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