The Forest of Silence

June 8, 2010

By Emily Rodda
Reviewed By Caroline Durand
Rated 5 out of 5 stars

The Forest of Silence, by Emily Rodda, is an exciting adventure novel. It is a book about the quest of a teen named Leif to attempt to reclaim a belt with magical powers, in a hope to save his lands. This book teaches the virtues friendship and trust.  Capturing the mind of all readers, this great novel is an adventurous piece of literature.

On his sixteenth birthday, Leif is told by his parents that he must begin a quest to save Deltora. In order to save his homeland, he must find seven magical gems and place them in the Belt of Deltora. He begins this voyage with only one friend, Barda, but soon finds many more along the way, one being Jasmine, a forest dweller.  He finds that they are willing to help him as he defeats the guard of the gems…

Many virtues are found in this book. Friendship is found when Barda helps Leif on his noble quest despite the impending doom found in the mission.  Trust is prevalent throughout the book. Leif decides to trust the forest dweller, Jasmine leading to their eternal friendship. Also, Jasmine chooses to trust Barda and Leif, and thus-forth decides to save their lives, clearly portraying the virtue of trust.

Young children and people who just like a good book should read The Forest of Silence. This novel is wrapped in fantasy, adventure, and mystery, contributing to the thrilling plot. Emily Rodda has never written a better book.

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