May 21, 2010

By Brian Jacques
Reviewed by Leanne R.
Rated 5 out of 5 stars

The first book in the incredible series, Redwall brings to life a time of adventure and excitement. With messages including bravery, courage, and friendship running through the book, it is a must-read for people all ages who enjoy delightfully well-written fantasies.

The mice that live in the great stone fortress, the abbey of Redwall, are peaceable creatures. At least, that’s what Cluny the Scourge, an enormous rat, thinks when he leads his legendary horde to conquer and enslave the creatures and their magnificent home. He soon realizes they are a force to be reckoned with, especially when led by a small yet courageous mouse with a warrior’s spirit! Matthias embarks on a perilous quest to save his beloved home and restore the great sword of Martin the Warrior to its rightful place- in the paws of Redwall Abbey’s champion warrior! But will the barbaric horde of vermin, a poisonous snake with the name of the devil himself, and the merciless Cluny, with his whip-like tail, prove too much for the brave little mouse?

Redwall embodies the fight between good and evil. The helpful, peaceful woodland creatures pit their wits and might against the barbaric and cruel Cluny the Scourge and his army of hundreds of malicious rats. Bravery and courage are highlights in Redwall. Matthias, the tiny mouse originally bumbling about in his too-big habit and floppy sandals, proves to be a well of strength and courage with a heart of gold. Unlikely friendships also spring up over the course of the book- accidentally shot down from the sky, a young sparrow tries to kill Matthias and later becomes one of his most faithful companions.

A legendary fantasy, captures readers’ attention and engages them through until the immensely satisfying ending. A wonderful read for all ages, this book is great for building vocabulary! Brian Jacques’ incredible writing style and dramatic transitions have engaged the hearts and minds of its thousands of readers around the world. Let the adventure begin!

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