Allies of the Night

June 2, 2010

Science Fiction
By Darren Shan
Reviewed By Lizzie Sparks
Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Darren has now been a half vampire for six years and survived the trials of death, or the initiation of the the vampires.  Darren, Mr. Crepsley, Harkat Mulds, and Vancha March are on the search for the Vampaneze king, only knowing that he’s just been blooded, so just as Darren he is a half vampaneze.  Darren hasbeen forced to go to a public school, where he meets a boy named Richard.  he goes to English class where, low and behold, he meets an old aquaintance.  Debbie Hemlock.  Darren runs into a little trouble along the way.  He meets the one person that used to be his friend, but now hates him.  Steve Leopard.  Steve vowed to seek revenge on Darren for taking his place as Mr. Crepsley’s assistant.   He’d been taking geography just to map out every single location that so once he’d tracked them he wouldn’t lose them. Steve tracks down a Vampeneze that they call “Hooky” down to the sewers, but what happens down there that could ruin Darren’s life and any of the hunters journey for good?

This is the eighth book in the Vampire’s Assistant series.   If you’ve read the ones before this I recommend this book for you.  If you like books about vampires I recommend this book for you.  This book is recommended for any youg adults.

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